About us

Hi, my name is Steve Huckfield, and with my wife, Vanetta, we run our own company, VS Consultancy & Marketing Ltd.

Prior to this, we have spent most of all our working lives in Rubber, Foam & Plastics, in the Automotive Industry.

We started VS Consultancy and Marketing LTD in December 2018, working with UK companies and manufacturing businesses in Asia and Europe, with people I have known for over 20 years.

Since then, we have widened our horizons, and whilst we are still involved in the Automotive Supply business, we are now heavily involved with other areas, one such being PPE, hence the launch of our new website PPE Clear.

We had initially looked at “conventional” PPE, but then we were introduced to a wonderful lady, Lenka Novakova, who is a special advisor to the Mental Health Trust, and is in fact, deaf herself. We have worked closely with Lenka and she has guided and advised us, and we have developed and launched a Transparent PPE Face Mask.

Clearly, there are drawbacks to conventional fabric face coverings, the main one being the obstruction of communication. Our mask allows a clear view of a person’s face, which we believe will benefit the wider community as well as those people with hearing impairment because it takes away the fear of anonymity that a fabric mask brings.

Our PPE mask is made from anti-fogging plastic and latex-free elastic attachments. The design avoids any obstruction or interference with spectacles or hearing aids.
We are excited to launch our new product, and we sincerely hope it improves the quality of life for everybody, through these difficult times.