Why choose our transparent PPE masks

Over half of communication is visual. We often depend on facial expressions and visual cues when we communicate with others. As humans, we are highly attuned to facial expressions and emotions, even on a subconscious level

The transparent PPE Clear mask helps improve communication. The ability to see others’ facial expressions and emotions can improve the patient-provider relationship and quality of care. When individuals are able to see each other’s faces and smiles, outcomes such as patient satisfaction, trust, and health can improve.

PPE Clear Mask improves confidence in everybody, by removing the facial anonymity that a traditional mask causes.

Comfort and fit

Our transparent PPE masks are comfortable to wear and feature an elasticated strap and foam which helps create a seal and comfort. 

Designed to not interfere with hearing aids or spectacles.

Does the PPE Clear mask provide protection against COVID-19?

The PPE Clear mask serves the same functions as traditional masks and it also provides a full, anti-fog plastic barrier, which helps prevent particles or droplets from getting through. The PPE Clear mask is not airtight along the sides of the mask, where air circulation occurs, thus allowing for comfort and breath-ability. All traditional masks have gaps on the sides, so this design is not entirely unique to the PPE Clear mask.

Is PPE Clear mask reusable?

Is the PPE Clear mask reusable?
Our PPE masks can be used for up to 24 hours. The mask is designed for indoors settings and recommended for use at room temperature, in ventilated, low-humidity environments, such as indoor offices or clinics.

Are there different sizes?

Our PPE masks are available in Adults and Kids sizes, both sizes can be adjusted for a tighter or more personalized fit.

Cleaning instructions

Clean after use with anti-septic wipe.

Do not immerse in water.